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In Service, In Quarters, Charged Lines on the Ground!

Story and photos submitted by Doug McGlynn, Captain
Station # 47
Palm Beach County, Florida
February 3rd , 2011

Awareness levels of keeping crews in service, in zone and in quarters has never been greater these days.  That is exactly what members of Station 47 had in mind over the past 10 1/2 months in designing and implementing a new "Portable Crosslay Hose Cart System"!

The innovative Hose Cart  models the exact dimension of a typical apparatus pre-connected hose bed.  A project design that has been in the works for years now recently came to fruition in late 2010/early 2011 when an old engine was being moved to surplus.  The hose bed of this engine was salvaged by fire rescue fleet service technicians (those guys are amazing!!!!)  in order to acquire the raw materials to build the creative training tool. Gracious funds donated by our friends at CAB Corp. allowed the purchased of some specialty components of the hose cart system.

The cart offers a heightened level of service for the residents of 47's zone in the way both units remain in service during the evolutions.  In the past, when a cross-lay was pulled off the Quint it required the aerial to be raised in order to repack the pre-connected 1.75" hose line.  With the aerial up, outriggers out, and deployed lines on the ground this usually required that the Quint company would be placed "out of service".  Not anymore!  The Cross-lay Cart is easily wheeled out from the apparatus bay and can be charged straight off a hydrant, or from Quint 47 directly. It can act as simulated hose off the apparatus or drills can include a relay pump scenario. Other times crews simply focus on hose stretches where the hose cart can be positioned between obstacles like parked cars, building entrances, between the fuel pumps, etc (all available in the front yard of the firehouse). In some of the pics attached the cart was strategically parked so a realistic drill could be performed where members arrived, stepped off the truck in full gear and went to work. Split pulls were practiced and cones were set up for target knockdown once the friction points were managed. While performing evolutions with the Cross-lay Hose Cart system, Q47 was paged out to a call.  The crews simply disconnected the supply line and drove away without delay.

The cart features (2) pre-connected 1.75" lines with a gated wye appliance on the supply side.  Another 2.5" coupling w/ hydrant valve allows the supply of a 200' pre-connect of 2.5" Blitz attack line (something not available on most Quint apparatus).

A community partnership was established with our friends at CAB Corp. in order to pay for some of the appliances and components of the Cross-lay Hose Cart. Some inline flowmeters and specialty nozzles were also donated to compliment the cart (not all arrived yet and still on order through CAB Corp).  Between the crews' innovative design and the amazing technicians at fire rescue fleet services this project would have never happened without the support of the local residents and communities of CAB Corp's catchment area and our local DC/BC staff!

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