Community Assistance & Benefit Corp. (CAB Corp.), a totally volunteer organization, endeavors to support essential community services in western Palm Beach County, Florida. CAB Corp. provides assistance and raises funds for the benefit of public service organizations such as fire/rescue stations in Palm Beach County Battalion #4, especially station #47 and their support stations, #’s 41, 44, 46 and 48.

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          CAB Corp. was founded in 2003 by members of the Palm Isles Men’s Golf Association in western Palm Beach County.  Member Sid Trager invited firefighters from station #47 to deliver a presentation detailing the various services they provide to communities in our area.  The presentation motivated this community to give back to the men and women protecting our neighborhoods by establishing an annual fundraising golf tournament.  The movement continues to spread to other communities in western Palm Beach County.

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          Community Assistance and Benefit Corp. (CAB Corp.) is non-profit, tax-exempt corporation organized expressly for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.  The organization works with communities in Unincorporated Palm Beach County to raise funds primarily for the fire/rescue stations who protect our residents. 

           CAB Corp. is a totally volunteer fundraising organization.  All funds collected at various events held during the year are spent directly on purchasing essential services and equipment for the use of the Public Safety Agencies in PBC to supplement services, equipment and products no longer made available by normal Palm Beach County funding.

          CAB Corp is the only non-profit organization in Palm Beach County that is established to raise and spend all funds collected for the benefit of the Fire/Rescue Stations. 

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          CAB Corp., through its annual fundraising efforts continues to provide emergency needs for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of residents residing in the Suburban Boynton Beach/ Delray Beach area. The following are just an example of the many items and services we have supplied:

The first eight Panasonic H-2 Toughbooks® to be utilized by the Palm Beach Fire Rescue Department. These life-saving medical computer tablets will enable 911 emergency medical responders to access patient medical records, transmit their findings immediately to emergency rooms, and reduce the need for hours of paper reporting. This improved technology will save much-needed time, allowing rescuers to respond to more calls.

Other items provided are: computer and internet services, television monitors and fax machines, commissary supplies, Jaws of Life, pressure connectors, hose carts, special Pelican flashlights, truck belts, emergency extrication equipment including shields, gloves, glass punchers and cutters, training prop equipment, LED box lights, gas analyzers, water coolers, continuing education support, ResQme key chains, rabbit tools, scout multi-gas monitors battery powered circular wheel blades, LED front bumper guides for installation on fire trucks, specific fire engineering and firehouse magazine subscriptions, all necessary for lifesaving events!

          CAB Corp. has also received special recognition from the Palm Beach County Fire/Rescue Department for providing the newest training materials and equipment available to enable firefighters advanced training to better serve the residents of the county.

          CAB Corp. helps promote closer relations between local communities and their Public Safety Agencies including publicizing education seminars, fire truck visits to communities during the holidays, safety programs including water safety, CPR classes, programs on smoke detection, and poisonous gas detection, child safety, water safety and many others.

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  • Annual spring golf tournament held at various top golf clubs in the area! Our next golf tournament will be held at Indian Spring Country Club in Boynton Beach on Thursday, April 10, 2014.  Every golfer at the usually sold out event gets breakfast, lunch, a goody bag, prizes and other special gifts. All money collected after paying our costs for this event is used to support our Public Safety Agencies. This event has recently been expanded to include Non-Golfers in our Country Club Luncheon.
  • Individual participating communities sponsor picnics and barbecues like those held recently at Palm Isles, Palm Isles West, PonteVecchio, and Tivoli Lakes.
  • Fund raising banquets such as one held at The Grove community in Boynton Beach that raised over $6,000.
  • A Mixed Doubles tennis tournament held at the Tivoli Lakes Tennis Club
  • Health Fairs and Walk-a-Thons held at Canyon Springs, Platina, and Tivoli Reserve.
  • Special fundraising events at various restaurants in the greater Boynton Beach area.
  • Donations made to Cab Corp by communities such as Palm Isles, in memory of loved ones or neighbors, recognition of the efforts of CAB Corp in providing assistance to Public Safety Agencies.

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  • Increasing the number of local communities that are involved in sponsoring events and fundraising activities.
  • Having many more local businesses support our efforts.
  • Encouraging more individuals from local communities to become involved.
  • Educating the public: helping people to understand that maintaining the excellent service provided by our fire/rescue stations requires their personal support. Due to severe county financial restraints and cutbacks in essential services this becomes an even more duanting challenge.
  • Encouraging and urging community leadership to contact us to arrange for CAB Corp. volunteers to meet and discuss the importance of having greater CAB Corp. involvement in their communities.

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For further information about CAB Corp.
Please contact any member of our Board of Directors.

Their E-MAIL addresses may be found on the CONTACTS page.